Zvezda 1/72 Mi-35M Hind E

KIT #: 7276
PRICE: $31.00 SRP
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


Mi-35M Export night attack version, is fitted with upgraded advanced avionics and sensor package, including night vision systems,GOES-342 electro-optical range finder/targeting system,GLONASS/NAVSTAR navigation system, electronic multifunction displays, onboard computer, and jam-proof communications equipment. Also known as Mi-35M1.

As some additional background, this is referred to on the box top as a Hind E. The original Hind E was the Mi-24V. This aircraft which entered production in 1976 and was first seen by the west in the early 1980s. It armed with the more advanced 9M114 Shturm (AT-6 Spiral). Eight of those missile are mounted on four outer wing pylons. It was the most widely produced version with more than 1,500 made. In Polish service this aircraft is designated Mi-24W. One Mi-24V was referred to as Mi-24T for unknown reasons.


Zvezda's next Hind kit is superbly molded, as are all their recent kits. According to the side of the box, this one has 285 parts and I can believe it. The box is quite packed with three major, two minor and a rather large clear sprue. Aside from the clear bits, all the sprues are unbagged and loose in the box. Perhaps loose isn't quite accurate as they fit quite tightly in a very thick cardboard box. Nice to see something aside from the usual flimsy boxes we frequently get from model companies.

Anyway, the kit quite detailed and has been designed to do mulitple variants. As such, the cockpit section is separate from the cabine and the rest of the fuselage. This one has areas in the instructions to indicate a 'version 1' and a 'version 2'. What this means is that one has all the panels and doors open while the other does not.

The cockpit is very nicely detailed with all the proper controls and a pair of crew figures, something you do not often find. The cabin has a nicely done set of jump seats as these helos were able to carry troops in addition to being gun ships. There is a very nicely detailed engine and transmission section with this. Those who may wish to build the kit without the panels open may be able to do away with much of the detail that is put on these bits. There is scant room for nose weight on this kit so one will have to be clever in figuring where to put it.

For the stub wings, there are choices of anti tank missiles, rocket pods or even gun pods or fuel tanks. The IR suppressionexhaust are nicely done and the kit provides the flare/chaff dispensers for the fuselage sides, making for a very busy looking craft. This aircraft has the twin barrel cannon as well as a FLIR and other sensor pod for the nose (a possible place for weight). Finally, the rotor head is very nicely detailed and the large blades are molded with droop already in them.

Instructions are expectedly busy with all the parts, but with clear drawings and color information in generic and Model Master references. There are a single set of markings for Yellow 77 in a 'European Green' color with some Russian unit. This is a tad odd for an export version of this helo. The decals are well done and provide a myriad of stencils as is appropriate for modern military aircraft. 


In all, it will make for a most impressive and nicely detailed model. Modern military aircraft fans and helo enthusiasts really need to put this one on their lists of things to buy.



July 2011

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