Sword 1/72 T-28B Trojan
KIT #: SW72066
PRICE: $44.99
DECALS: Five options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Short run kit with injected clear parts and resin engine.


The North American Aviation T-28 Trojan is a piston-engined military trainer aircraft used by the United States Air Force and United States Navy beginning in the 1950s. Besides its use as a trainer, the T-28 was successfully employed as a Counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft, primarily during the Vietnam War.

Though none are currently in military use, the aircraft was widely exported in all of its different variants and is a popular warbird, due to the easy availability of parts and ease of maintenance.


Perhaps it is just me, but it seems that when one company released a kit, then it is not too long, when someone else releases the same subject, but in a different scale. So it is with this Sword T-28. I am, of course, delighted to see this being issued as 1/72 fans have been without an accurate T-28B. Yes, I know that Heller has had a Fennec on the market for many years, but it was not a true T-28B, the Fennec being a re-engined T-28A. Besides, as nice as it was, this one is so much nicer in terms of external detailing.

The kit consists of a major sprue that has been trimmed to fit in the box. It has Sword's usual very nicely done engraved detailing. A well molded clear sprue is also included that has the canopy and things like wing tip lights.

The cockpit consists of a central tub to which a rear bulkhead is attached. The two compartment bulkheads are then slotted in place overlapping the side consoles. Instrument panel and console detail is raised and is fairly well done. Into this tub fits two seats with separate cushions and the two control sticks. The forward instrument panel goes into a fuselage half and the rear one fits into a separate anti-glare shield. Behind the back seat fits the ADF antenna mount.

Main gear wells are made up of separate walls that fit into the upper and lower wing sections. A single piece nose gear well is also included and atop that fits a gear well blanking plate. The instructions call for 10 grams nose weight, which is a rather large amount, so best of luck getting it all to fit into the space provided.

A nicely detailed resin engine just needs some pushrods installed to give it that much more presence. This fits into a one-piece cowling. Landing gear looks properly sturdy and the nose gear has a separate nose wheel. The Japanese version also had photo recon capablilites so there are clear photo doors that can be glued to the underside. The canopy comes in three pieces and is shown being built closed. I am unsure if this can be built open, but I see no reason why not.

Markings are provided for five aircraft. Four of them are shown to the right. A fifth Japanese plane is provided and is the one shown but without unit markings. It is currently displayed in Japan.  So from the top whe have a VT-2 aircraft in standard USN markings. The yellow one is from ATU-105 that was briefly based at NAS Memphis. This one has all the green markings. Next is a VT-27 plane that is listed as Davis-Mothnan AFB in 1983, but since no USN training units flew from that base, it has to have been one from the bone-yard. Finally, the Japanese plane from 510 squadron, which was and probably still is a photo recon unit, hence the camera windows on the underside. Decals are very nicely done by Eduard (that is what is says on the sheets).


Those wanting a 100% accurate T-28B now have that option. Sword kits are short run and that means they don't stay around long so if you want one, you need to get it while it is still available.



November 2012

Thanks to Squadron Products for the preview kit. Get yours at your local shop today.

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