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During the war, the USAAS was looking for a more powerful trainer. Rather than build an all new plane, it was decided to re-engine the standard JN-4A/D with a new 150 hp Wright built Hispano engine. Strengthening was required to install this new engine and fuel capacity was increased to allow for the additional thirst of the new engine. All the JN-4Hs were built by Curtiss, who produced 929 of them from January 1918 until the Armistace.

The JNS was a designation that appeard in 1923 and was applied to obsolescent JN-4 and JN-6 versions that were modified or rebuilt by the USAAS Depots until 1926. The letters stood for JN Standardized and sometimes had a suffix to indicate whether it had the 150 hp Wright A or I engine, or if it had the 180 hp Wright E installed. These were all US built Hispano engines. The last JNS aircraft were scrapped in 1927, though many found their way into private hands. The JNS was indistinguishable from the JN-6 other than the fact that it only had ailerons on the upper wing.


For the overall kit, there is little more that I can say that wasn't true of the previous article. This kit includes one additional sprue that has some bits needed for the more powerful aircraft. The only  parts used in this kit from the above sprue are the radiator and the exhaust. The other bits are for another upcoming kit. Both of these variants use a different engine section from the A/D versions. For this, you must cut off the old nose and graft on the newer one. It also uses a different upper engine section for the 150 hp engine. Both variants use the wing center sections with the cutouts. The other main difference is in the exhaust. The ones shown are a tad too long and the instructions have you trim them back. For the other aircraft, the earlier exhaust are used and you must heat the plastic and bend most of the curve out of it.

Instructions are just as good as before and there are markings for two planes. First is the box art NJ-4H of the USN operating out of Miami in 1922. Actually, that should be USMC as there are Marine markings on the side of the plane. The other is an OD with yellow flight surfaces JNS-1(actually, it should be JNS-I) in standard OD with yellow wings finish of 1927, the last year these planes were operated. Decals are well printed and quite glossy. The white is a bit off register and it shows in the instrument decals and the X for the Marine bird. This doesn't seem to affect the roundels or the tail stripes.


Though this one may be a touch more difficult to build since you have to chop off the nose, the resultant model should be most impressive. Recommended only for those with a few WWI types under their belts due to the extensive rigging required.


Curtiss Aircraft  1907-1947 by Peter M Bowers, 1987, Naval Institute Press

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