Special Hobby 1/48 Spad VII C1






Three aircraft


Scott Van Aken


Multimedia kit with resin parts.
'RFC and US Air Service' boxing.


Allow me to take the easy way out and refer you to Tom Cleaver's excellent preview of the initial boxing of this kit for this information. In fact, it was Tom's write-up on his experiences with it that encouraged me to buy this one and put it on the 'to build' pile.


Again, refer to Tom Cleaver's preview (link above) on this kit for the low-down. I'm using this updated kit to provide a bit more detail as to the kit parts. First thing I noticed when comparing this kit to Tom's is that there are a few extra bits. One is that you get vac windscreens. In fact, there are to different styles; one with a frame and other simply a section of clear glass. Two of these are provided and are most difficult to find on the moldings, they are so small. The other is a resin cowl front. The ones provided in plastic are devoid of the shutters that are on the resin piece. These were quite common on later SPAD VIIs.

I also decided to show an enlargement of the etched fret. It is quite well done  and includes some rather petite parts such as the various interior levers, rudder pedals and gun sight. The control column is also in etched metal, though I'd thought that plastic or resin would be more appropriate. The biggest change in this kit are the decals. As was mentioned earlier, the colors are a bit suspect, appearing a touch too dark for the reds and the RFC blues. However, I'm going to bow out of the discussion on these colors as WWI is not my purvey and could well be correct.

There are markings in this boxing for three aircraft. As one would expect from the box title, one is for the USAS, Flown by Capt Charles Biddle of the 103rd Aero Squadron. It is in the standard French camouflage of dark brown, dark green and light green over light blue. Some areas are varnished wood. It has a blue cowling front and blue fuselage band. Next is a French plane  from Spa 158 as flown by Vilem Stanovsky. It is also in a French camo scheme, but one slightly different composing dark brown, dark green, light green, and ochre over light grey. It has a white engine cowling. Finally a British SPAD VII in typically boring RFC colors of PC10 Khaki over linen with the metal parts painted in light grey. It was part of 23 Sq and operated during 1917. The decals themselves are superbly printed and provide quite a bit of color to the aircraft in question.



According to Tom, this is a superb kit and one that beginners to 1/48 WWI modeling should seriously consider. So I'm seriously considering it. Whether it actually gets built is another story......

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